Sage Redcross

Morgan Kimball’s Newest Romance

Morgan Kimball has been on a fiery kick with her paranormal romance series Sand Dragon.

This is the first of a five part series which is a continuation in the world of the the Blue Dragon Series. Morgan Kimball has created entire clans of sexy dragon shifters who spend their time doing what dragons do, but with a little distraction from the ladies in their lives adding to the adventure at every turn.

Sage Redcross is an orphaned red dragon from the desert sands of Tunxis. His only family are is work colleagues at a private security company and Scarlet, the only girl he’d fight to the last breath for. In fact, he might just have to when the team is called North to a city under attack and Scarlet ,in a frenzy to protect her little sister,  high tails it into the city when everyone else is running out. Sage has to divide his energy between his team and watching after Scarlet.

The fear is intense when the invading enemy dragons start terrorizing the town and finds Scarlet and her companions particularly irritating when she stumbles over what the invaders are really looking for.

Get Sage Redcross now and get your first introduction to the Sorath Security company and the five mercenaries who can’t be held back when it comes to protecting their women. If you loved the Romance and Drama of the Blue Dragon series, you’ll love the intensity of the sand dragons.

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