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Thermal Mermaid has been busy with their summer recipes. This year in addition to the Farmers Markets Litchfield County’s North West Corner of Connecticut. The girl’s who craft recipes will be venturing down to the South East shore line to join the out door venue in Waterford. There’s been a high demand for hot process goat’s milk recipes over the fancier more colorful cold process swirl techniques.

“For some reason when we put a solid color goat’s milk bar on the market table people immediately see it as a hand made luxury item. There’s something about the creamy texture that you can see when it’s in your hand that make people want it.” Says Kelley, the youngest member of Thermal Mermaid.

Along with this summers soap recipes the girls have been creating a blend of water free massage lotions. These are terrific for their long shelf life without the need to add a chemical preservative which keeps the product all natural. These products are whipped body butter and have the feel and consistency of whipped icing. They are choc full of the most expensive ingredients in any top shelf lotion but don’t have the weight of the water, which make up most of the weight in a bottle of lotion. The whipped recipe doesn’t act exactly like lotion either. Its in its solid state until it comes in contact with the heat of your body where it melts on contact. This means a very little bit goes a long way and you only need to dab a pea sized amount on your finger tip and rub it into the desired area.

Mermaid Kisses Whipped Body Butter

Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Argon Oil, Olive Oil, Corn Starch, Fragrance Oil, Cosmetic Grade Mica Colorant


Of course, as always Thermal Mermaid sells these items at their market locations, but on top of that they give their recipes to the public. That’s right! Don’t expect the ladies at this Artisan Soap Company to be stingy with their recipes. They publish them for everyone, with hundreds being for free if you scrounge around their website long enough.

Additionally, Thermal Mermaid’s most recent publication is available on Amazon : A Soap Maker’s Companion is written for a beginner level soap maker who has been watching those uber artistic videos on YouTube and is ready to get the ball rolling with their own creations at home.

What makes A Soap Maker’s Companion unique from other soap making books on line is that it is free to down load in it’s digital form. (Sorry, not the paper back version because Amazon doesn’t print paperback books for free.) Once you grab a digital copy you can go over to the ThermalMermaid website and sign up for the Learning Library.

Click to Get a Free Copy

Download your copy of A Soap Making Companion for free or available in paperback on Amazon. This book is a companion guide to the Learning Library tutorial videos available at Thermal Mermaid


This is ALSO FREE!!! WhhoooHoooo!

Once you are a member of the Thermal Mermaid Learning Library you can access many of the features for free, which include all of the Lessons covered in the book, A Soap Maker’s Companion including the printable recipes. The beginner material includes everything you need to learn about safety and protecting yourself while working with chemicals. It also includes the two most popular methods of soap making, hot process and cold process. While you’re practicing those methods you will learn how to create different swirl patterns and layering techniques for different artistic looks. Once you finish with all the beginner material you can access the rest of the Learning Library for just $1.99 per month or you can take what you’ve learned, which is a ton, and start experimenting with your own recipes.

Now you might be thinking, that’s a lot of free material those girls pump out. Yup, because the girls at Thermal Mermaid would be making soap just about any where, any how, any way even if it wasn’t their job.

Once you start getting rolling you might even want to show off your creation. If that’s the case come on over to the Thermal Mermaid Facebook Group and share your work with the rest of the community.


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