Ritual Cash : A Magickal Primer on Wealth

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Ritual Cash: Magickal Spells for Money, Riches, and Wealth

Start learning wicca the American way with the ancient occult in your left hand.

It’s time to stop messing around with wishes and games. You want money. You want freedom from debt, and you want it now. You have the power to have everything you want, and you can start today.

Making money with magick doesn’t have to be a secret kept from you. Now you can become introduced to the top most powerful forms of Magick that will provide results now. Cash will come flowing into your life with these beginner and advanced explanation on Magickal access.

Let there be no confusion about it. The information in this book isn’t for those unsure whether or not they want to dabble in the Magickal Arts. This information is for the experienced Wiccan or Pagan or Kabalist. The left hand disabuses no one.

Not only are you provided with a book chock full of personal ritual and spells of the Three Eyed Sister, you are given an observation point that cross compares some rituals from far corners of the world so that you can break down these practices and see for your self what it is that they have in common that provides the results that makes people return again and again over hundreds of years.

If your forte is witchcraft, folk magic, or just spiritual tradition the Magickal spells found in this book are crafted to bring you wealth, money, and riches.

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